Fascinating vending machines you won’t believe exist in Japan

The people here in Japan are so technology advanced, they have developed a vending machines for almost everything. Japanese people are absolutely nuts over product dispensers. Did you know in this Land of the Rising Sun there are around 5.6 million coin and card-operated machines. That’s approximately one vending machine for every 23 people. This means there are more vending machines in Japan than people living in New Zealand (NZ population is 4.433 million as per 2012 stats). With 5.6 million automatic dispensers around, competition is tough so it is crucial for vendors make their vending machine stand out. As a result, this led to Japan having some of the most innovative and downright weird vending machines in the world. Allow TheArtofForking to take you on a (translated labels) tour of some of the most wild wacky weird machines Japan vending street has to offer.

First up is the Beer and sake vending machine. This can be found at almost every side alley in Tokyo. The reason I thought this was awesome was because in Australia it is illegal to drink in public, heavy fines apply so these machines is non-existence in Kangaroo Land.

This machine serves not only cold drinks but hot beverages as well and they are everywhere in Japan. In this picture, the drinks with the price in red are served hot and the drinks with the price in blue are served cold. This is cool as you can quench your thirst in summer with a cool drink and warm up in winter with and warm can, win!

Have you ever had weird cravings in the middle of the night only to find your nearest KFC,fish and chips or local hotdog stand is closed. This 24hr hot meal is the solution to after hours cravings, but would you eat meals from this machine?

Nissin cup noodles machine is genius! If you ever want to be a millionaire in Australia, I highly recommend buying the license to sell these and have them planted at every single Tafe, Uni campuses, also offices that have 24×7 operations. Insta noodles is my religion so I can assure you this will be a guarantee hit.

Crepe vending machine,need I say more?

Fresh Lettuce vending machine, um yes please?

Gone fishing? then you’ll need the fishing bait machine

This is cute, this one dispenses fresh flowers for any occasions.

No this is not a person in a costume. it’s actually a robot Coke vending machine, the robot can be found walking around Shibuya station dispensing coke cans and shooting laser beams.

Lastly, have you heard the urban legend about Japanese men and their panties sniffing fetishes? Well to cater for this market they invent the above vending machine, it sells “soiled school girl panties” ummm WTF (What the FORK!)

Have you seen you cool vending machine? I’d love to hear about it.


2 thoughts on “Fascinating vending machines you won’t believe exist in Japan

  1. Pantie machine? Oh my… I’m diggin’ the crepes and fresh greens machines, though. Wish we had those in the states. All we have are soda machines. (wha-whaaa)

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