Say you love me, say you love me…then put it in a love song

Exhausted from a long demanding day at the office, boy was I excited to be home, the place where I can escape from the crazy chaos of customer complaints and expectations. As I opened the front door Fedja greeted me with an excited warm smile and smouldered me with kisses. Because I was exasperated, I did not reciprocate the love he expressed. I could see the hurt and disappointment in his eyes as I flatly walked right pass him. How could I be so polite to random strangers I barely knew but yet so cold and rude towards my loved one? I immediately apologized but it was too late the damage was already done, like a hurt little puppy he retreated to the study to allow me some much needed space. There was this temptation to stay separate with each of us tending our own task to unwind.

As I relaxed, Alicia Keys Put It In A Love Song came on. Say you love me, say you love me…then put it in a love song the lyrics sang. Like a wake up call I realized that I when I told Fedja I was sorry I was not sincere enough, and that sometimes just telling someone how sorry, how much you care or how you love someone may just not be enough. Sometimes actions speaks louder than words.

I started to google How do you show someone you love them rather than just tell them? for some inspiration on how to better express my love (because sometimes I’m just plain dumb like that). User Aurora said “I don’t think you CAN consciously show them. IT happens subconsciously and is shown in the little things that you do”. My favorite answer was by Rich T “Do something unexpected for them” *snap! snap!* That was it, I will surprise Fedja with an unexpected sweet treat (he loved anything that had extremely high contents of sugar,chocolate and Nutella).

As I rummaged through our pantry, elements I was able to find were; Ferrero Raffaelo, mixed pack of M&M’s, Jelly belly and Nutella. I scooped about 3 tablespoons full of Nutella into a sandwich bag with the corner cut off used it as a pipe bag and started to play with the sweets.

The above was the result of my creation *cough* love on a plate. As of that night I promised myself to never take my loved one for granted, and always be kind, polite and cherish the love I have everyday. As I know there are many people who can love him more than I do, but he chose to love me.


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