Chicken Feet, Why would you eat that?!?!?!?!

Let me start by saying I LOVE, LURVE, chicken feet! I know what you’re thinking “EEwww! that’s gross! why would you even put that in your mouth? Have you any idea where the chicken’s foot have been? what it has stepped on?” etc. I used to pack chicken feet for lunch and bring it to work with me, the first few times I was apologetic when I see people’s shocked and disgusted face, I would attempt to make an apology “Sorry, it’s nostalgic food” or “sorry it has health benefits and low calories”. After that I would get irritated and at times angry, why do I have to explain myself when I want to eat something I like? So whenever I want to eat the bird’s tooties at work it would have to be consumed secretly in my car alone ( *sings* All by myself!! don’t wanna be..) So I am hoping this thread will help close the culture differences gap by explaining why people eat and love, lurve it.

In developing countries live stock are considered treasured assets. People tend to keep their live stock for as long as they can so that it can help them yield ongoing feed, i.e Chicken for eggs, cows for milk, pigs for piglets to sell or exchange for rice. The only time they would kill a live stock is when there is a very special occasion, because of this people appreciate every part of the animal’s body and will not throw away or waste anything, yes that includes the chicken feet. In a place where food is scarce, a meal containing meat is considered a rare blessing, eating chicken feet helps them savor this moment by slowing down their chow time with the family, as the feet is time consuming yet satisfying to eat.


Although the chicken feet does not contain a lot of meat it is full of textures and flavors and can be used in many different dishes.

It is often used in soup to make stock as it is high in gelatin content making the soup more flavor enriched

chicken feet soup

The most common place where chicken feet are found in developed countries are at Chinese YUM CHA/ DIM SUM place (Chinese teahouse restaurants serving breakfast/brunch) Where the claw is being tenderized by hours of cooking in bamboo steamers with black bean sauce

Popular among the street food and hawkers vendors is the deep fried the chicken claw.
deep fried

Deep fried version is full of KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) flavors without the need of 11 secret herbs and spices, the complexion is like pork cracklings and is less fatty compared to the cracklings.

whitechicken feet

The white chicken feet also another hit on the street scene. It is boiled for about an hour and pickled in white vinegar and pickles for days before being served with chili ginger sauce.

What was once an underprivileged feed is now considered a culinary delicacy in some regions of the world, most notably in China and South Africa. So why do people eat this? For their medicinal properties, the tootsies are extremely high in collagen making them great for healthier younger looking skin (it is the secret of why most Asians look younger than their real age Shhhh!), hair, and nails, if consumed in large quantities. They are the cheapest natural health supplements available; rich in calcium and protein without the carbohydrate. The Chinese also believed that consuming that part of the poultry also helps slow the effect arthritis and joint pain, improves blood supply by strengthening the blood vessels. You can also eat large quantities and stay slim as chicken feet assist the body to metabolize fats.

Now that you know about the benefits of eating chicken feet would you reconsider giving it a try? Thanks for reading.

You are the Breast!

****** DID YOU KNOW******
Asians (Chinese, Vietnamese, Filipino and Korean)are not the only one who loves chicken feet?
It is also very popular in Mexico, South Africa, Jamaica and Trinidad and South America


3 thoughts on “Chicken Feet, Why would you eat that?!?!?!?!

    • Hello, Thanks for visting my Blog. I noticed from your blog you are currently in Vietnam? I was from there =) If you are still there try the Grilled chicken feet. A very popular street food dish can be found at Vietnamese pubs (Bia Hoi) or Oc Quan (places that serves snails and seafood). Enjoy ur culinary adventure

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