White Phoenix Claw Recipe (Chicken Feet in Chili Vinegar Sauce)

Hi everyone, the reason I decided to share with you this recipe is because it is super-duper easy to cook up, not only that it is super economical to make ($10 for all ingredients required) and has many health benefits. See my Chicken Feet, Why would you eat that?!?!?!?! article. I hope this recipe will help assist those with curious taste to replicate at home.


2 kilos of Chicken Feet;
4-6 slices Ginger (you can use ginger powder or minced ginger in a jar)
1 Green Chili
1 Red Chili
2 cups sugar
2 cups White Vinegar
1 Carrot
white pepper or Szechuan peppers

Serves 4


1.) Boil chicken feet in water ensuring water level covers all of the chicken feet, add ginger slices/ powder. Boil on high heat for 20 mins. (you can cut down boiling time to 10 mins if you use kettle boiled water)

2.) In a separate pot add 2 cups of white vinegar on low heat.

3.) Mix in sugar, peppers and stir until sugar dissolves.

4.) Remove from heat and add 2 cups of cold water, set aside.

5.) After 20 mins remove chicken feet from heat and rinse under cold water. This prevents the chicken feet from going soggy giving it a chewy texture.

6.) Use clever and roughly chop each foot in half. This step is optional I just find that chopping the feet allows flavors in infuse into the skin a lot better.

7.) Add carrots (roughly chopped) and chilli vinegar sauce to the chicken and refrigerate overnight.

Next day enjoy your homemade collagen filled, calcium rich, low carb cold snack straight from the fridge. It should look like the below picture

*Camera used Samsung galaxy S3, filter used Picsart HDR1


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