Secret Garden at Dessert Story

Dessert Story specialized in Hong Kong and Taiwanese home style dessert, what I loved about this place was that they strive to bring dessert that are healthy yet satisfying to eat, their bubble teas range are a lot fresher with less preservatives than other bubble cup stores. However every time I brought my boyfriend and Non-Asian friends here besides bubble tea they were too afraid to try any other desserts here as they ingredients seemed too foreign to them. I was so excited when Dessert Story decided to up their game and introducing more Caucasian friendly and thought provoking treats through their Secret Garden range.

secret garden

At first glance it looks like a fresh pot plant. With the fresh plant itself being used for decoration purpose only, The potting mix however was made of edible Oreo like crushed cookies, underneath the edible dirt diners can chose from 6 dessert options: Creme Brulee, Strawberry Yogurt Mousse, Dark Chocolate Mousse, White chocolate Mousse, Vanilla Ice cream with Red Beans & Poping pearls and Tiramisu.

So far I have only sampled the Strawberry and Yogurt Mousse and was quiet impressed with the generous servings and the affordable price of this dessert ($8.90 what a bargain) I am so excited to sample all the other flavors. They also make great gifts to colleagues and loved ones.

I felt compelled to write this post as I feel that even though this place has always been busy with the Asian diners, The business still work hard to reach out and cater for the needs of the Multicultural crowd rather than just focusing on one target market. Because of this brave move now everyone from all cultural background and come and enjoy the treats together, well done Dessert Story!


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