I left my heart in Melbourne

This post this not about a particular dish or restaurant, it is about the city I currently live in and why I love it so much. Here you can find some of Melbourne’s best kept secrets.

The Romantic Melbourne:
Take a romantic stroll from the banks of the Yarra River to Ponyfish Island, it’s a quiet little bar located under the footbridge of the Yarra River. Here you can enjoy a drink, admire the sunset and watch the ferries cruise by.

Alternatively you can walk along St Kilda Road towards Queen Victoria Garden, here you can find two hidden lakes filled with beautiful ducks and swans. This place makes a perfect picnic spot, or a great little retreat where you can laze around on the green lawn to catch up on some vitamin D. The Botanical Garden is also only about 5 minutes walk from the garden. Best of all? the romantic Melbourne is free for everyone to enjoy.

Down-to-earth but can be Snobby:
Compared to Sydney, Melbourne is a lot more laid back and down-to-earth. However venues can be quiet selective with their crowds. For example, If a guy would like to enter a venue in Northcote or the city CBD after 5PM he is required to have a collar shirt for entrance. Whereas if he was in Fitzroy (suburb known for the hipster crowd) he would be turned away if he is wearing a tie as he would be considered too overdressed for the venue.

Ghost town of Melbourne:
Located 7 minutes from the CBD is Harbour town, home to the discounted shopping precinct, Costco wholesalers and Medibank Ice arena. I am unsure whether it is the lack of vibe or parking but Harbour town is always quiet. However don’t let that deter you as there are lots of bargain shopping to be found at Harbourtown. Oh also the Melbourne Star (giant scenic wheel) has been out of action for so long no one knows whether or not it is in operation anymore.

Eventful Melbourne:
There are always special events on in Melbourne, this city guarantees to have something to entertainment everyone. Check out What’s on Melbourne website for weekly events. Otherwise visit Federation Square, every weekend there are different events hosted here.

Avoid the city on weekends:
On weekdays the city bars can be fun and classy as it is filled with professionals frequenting for after work drinks. However on Friday and Saturday nights avoid CBD clubs and bars, as everyone from everywhere poured into the city to get drunk and messy. So the locals tends to go to bars in the outer suburbs in Fitzroy, Northcote or St Kilda for drinks and down time.

Coffee Culture:
Melbournians love their coffees, don’t believe me just check out Degraves Lane, Centre Place, Block Arcade, McKillop Street and Manchester Lane to see the coffee clubs for yourself.

Hungry no more:
For cheap eats Asian cuisines can be found on Swanton and Russell street where a hearty feed can be found for less than $10.
For Authentic Italian food visit Lygon Street.
Fancy Greek? walk along Lonsdale street.

Melbourne’s best kept secret:
Melbourne have so many hidden restaurant and bars, that you will need a tour guide to show you around and there is a tour you can go on,otherwise you will not know about them unless you are a local. Here are a list of my best kept secrets:
San Telmo Address: 14 Meyers Pl, Melbourne VIC 3000 Argentinian Bar and Restaurant
Loop: Rooftop bar Meyers Pl, Melbourne VIC 3000
Madame Brussels:Cocktail Bar 59-63 Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000
Cookies: Rooftop bar/ moonlight cinema
Level 7, Curtin House, 252 Swanston Street
Damask Bar – Hidden Rooftop Bars First Floor, 347 Brunswick Street Fitzroy VIC 3065
Golden Monkey Lounge Bar & Asian Tapas 389 Lonsdale St, Melbourne VIC 3000

When in Melbourne:
They say if you do not like Melbourne’s weather, wait 20 minutes and it will change. This city is known for its 4 season in one day, so make sure you wear layers of clothes, boots and bring an umbrella. It may look warm and sunny at the moment but give it a few hours chances are it will later be cold and raining.


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