Vanilla Strawberry Sphere

Hi everyone! So recently I’ve been really into molecular cooking, it’s not about the food or the end result for me but it’s the experimental journey and playing with different elements that got me stimulated. This is a quick recipe for all the desert and cocktails lovers and those who would like to give molecular gastronomy a try.
You can use the measurements to turn any of your favourite liquids/cocktails into spheres and wow your friends.

Things you need for this recipes are:
2 Litres of water
Calcium lactate (E327) 5grams
Sodium Alginate (E401) 5grams
1 Punnet of fresh strawberries
2 shots of vodka
Vanilla essence
10 grams of sugar
A pinch of salt.

Time 1Hr 30minutes
Serves 8

Prepare the Sodium bath by blending 1 litre with 5 grams of Sodium Alginate for 30 seconds. Pour into a clear tub or glass bowl cover and Refrigerate for one 1hour

Next blend fresh strawberries with vodka sugar and salt.
Strain for Strawberry puree

Add 5 grams of Calcium Lactate to the strawberry puree stir well.

Remove Sodium bath from fridge stir well to remove bubbles from the Bath.

In a new bowl add 1 litre of cold water. You should now have the Puree, Sodium Bath and Fresh Water Bath as per below

Using a soup Spoon or table spoon scoop 1 spoonful of Puree and transfer onto the Sodium Bath, allow the compound to bathe for 2 minutes before rinsing it in fresh water.

Serve Immediately on its own as a cocktail or with your favourite desserts.

The result should look like the following.
Good luck and hope you have as much fun playing with your food as I did. Thanks for visiting my blog xoxo


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