Lucy Liu

Hi Everyone. Sorry I have been MIA (missing in action for a while). I have accidentally locked myself out of this account by entering the incorrect password too many times >.<

I have since successfully recovered my account so here I am, back to blogging about my forking adventures and reproducing meals sampled. Today I would like to Lucy Liu.

Who is Lucy Liu? No she is not that famous Chinese Hollywood actress you are thinking of. She is an eclectic multicultural Asian eating & drinking space designed to cater for people wanting Asian sharing tastes with cool drinks in a buzzy, stylish and fun street food environment. She can be found at 23 OLIVER LANE Melbourne Vic 3000 in the same alley way right next to Coda.

This gal possess a quite understated exterior, with a red neon sign lit up in a dark alley way. Once Lucy opens up to you, you will see she has a lot of character. Inside you will find a long communal dining space, with a modern industrial feel. Here you can decide whether you would like to chill at the bar sipping on exotic cocktails, dining in the booths or long communal table.

My other half and I dined at the kitchen bar. We got a full frontal view of chefs working their magic transforming raw ingredients into scrumptious bites.

Feed wise we opted for the let Lucy chose option, the 5 plates at $55 pp presents great value. We got to sample some of Lucy’s signature’s best selling below:
Freshly shucked oysters for two

Crab Croquet

Crystal prawns and bamboo dumplings.

Lucy also fed us steamed flounders and some yummy Pork belly. We really like Lucy and think she may be the new Chin Chin (without having to wait upto 1hour for seats like you do at Chin Chin). Lucy’s little helpers (staff) were very attentive and friendly, overall a great dinning experience. Great dining space for all occasions.

It so nice to have my access back on this blogging community. Thanks for following and reading my post.


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