Christina’s favourite blogs

They say in order to write better you must first read more. Hence the reason for this page. I would like to use this page to share blogs I follow that have inspired my writing, my cooking and recipes developing. Some blogs are food related, some are general life bibles whiles others are news but not as you know it kind of blogs. I hope they are as helpful, fun and intriguing to you as they have been to me.

If you have any cool blogs that you follow please let me know by dropping a comment below. I’d love to know about it. Thanks in advance =)

Grab your Fork Sydney food guide blog

A table for two Food blog by Billy Law (contestant of Australian master chef 2011)

Economical Wanderlust By Isabelle Du, Model, actress turn blogger she blogs about how to be fiscal savvy

The Art of Plating Gastronomy food art magazine

Tomato The insiders’ guide to food and drink in Melbourne

Melbourne Gastronome This blog keeps me in the loop of new and coming venues in Melbourne.

Buzzfeed News but not as you know it