Tayaki/ Koy Fish waffles recipes

Hi Everyone,

As promised in my taiyaki street food blog here is the recipes for the koi fish waffles. Now there are many molds you can use to achieve the same end results.

waffle mould

This is the most traditional mold used to achieve the authentic taiyaki shape, it is non stick aluminum pan that can be found on Ebay for $28 AUD. I highly recommend using the non stick rather than the slighty cheaper alternative to avoid having burnt batter stuck to your pan and it is really hard to clean. These are more of a novelty item as I found that they take are quite impractical to work with, reason being is that you need to have the pan over flames with batter inside then you have to flip it over cook the other side and often the batter will drip through the gaps. Also it does not deliver consistent results sometimes you will have burnt taiyaki, other times under cooked batter. You also need to use a lot of oil or butter to base the pan prior to avoid batter from sticking to the pan.

Through many trial and errors I found that there are better value and easy to clean alternatives of non-stick electric waffle makers that can be used.

The above can be found at Japan trend for $90 USD. A bit pricey however they come in four different molds from sandwich press, to rice cake toaster, also waffle and the taiyaki molds.

This is my favourite the cake pop machine, can be found at Aldi for $15.I have the pink one and I use this machine every time I crave taiyaki, cake pops, poffertjes. The reason why I love using this unit is that it delivers same consistency bite sized (guilt free) snack every time. It doesn’t burn the batter and it cooks both sides so I do not have to worry about having dripping batter when flipping the mold over open flames. The non stick on these is so good I don’t have to use butter to base the pan like koi fish mold.

Taiyaki filled with Nutella
makes 24 bite sized in Aldi cake pop mold, approx 4 in the koi mold, 6 in the sandwich press mold.

1 cup up of all purpose flour
2 teaspoons of baking powder (If you are using self raising flour this is not needed)
2 table spoons of sugar
2 cups of milk
1 egg
1/2 a cup of Nutella or filling of your choice (red bean, green tea, maple syrup, custard, jams or peanut butter)


1. Shift the flour (very important to avoid having lumpy batter) baking powder into large mixing bowl

2. Heat pan over medium flame, if using electric maker turn on for 5 minutes.

3. Add sugar, milk and egg and mix well with a whisk till you achieve a smooth runny batter.

4. Transfer batter into squeeze bottle
5. Squeeze batter to half of the mold and cook for 1 minute, add fillings and fill the mold cook for a minute then flip over for the koi pan. Leave it to cook for all other electric appliances for 4 minutes.

The end result should look like the below. Hope you enjoy the recipe. Feel free to be experimental and add savoury fillings like bacon and cheese its quiet tasty too.

*please be advised this thread is not sponsored in anyway, I am just recommending what I used that makes my culinary adventure more easy, fun and mess free*


Tayaki: Koi Fish Waffles

It was Christmas Eve 2012 when I first travelled to Japan. Growing up reading Doremon (a popular Japanese comics/cartoon) comics I thought I knew everything about The Land of the Rising Sun, but boy was I wrong. The reality hit me as soon as I arrived at Narita airport, it was almost mission impossible trying to read the signs as everything was in characters!

We managed our way to Ginza using the subway thanks to Fedja’s (my travel buddy) previous travel to Japan *oh the relief*. As soon as we got off the Ginza station my senses were captivated by this aromatic scent of freshly cooked waffles in the air, my eyes focused like Steiner discovery binoculars as I scan the surroundings in front of me looking for the culprit who made my nose air hungry and mouth salivate, my tummy tightened and ached as if there were hundreds of little minions jumping up and down inside,pulling and tugging it demanding a recharge. My mind was pre-ocuupied with only one thought; fresh waffle thingy or whatever it was…Get in ma belly!

Spotted! A hole in the wall with a line up of people, here I discovered the holy grail of Japan’s sweet treat taiyaki: They are essentially filled waffles koi/bream fish-shaped


the most common fillings was sweetened azuki (red) beans,

redbean taiyaki

Other filling flavours included green tea custard, chocolate, strawberry milk,banana, kokutou (maple syrup) and plain.


***did you know Taiyaki have been around Japan for 90 years since 1916 found by a guy by named Yanagiya, At a mere 200 yen approx $2 AUD per serving this treat has helped the Japanese people shrug of lingering effects of worst reccession since World War II.

There used to be a desert store in Hawthorn, Melbourne called Heavenly Delicious that used to sell tayaki however it has since closed. So in order to continue to enjoy this snack I managed replicate this treat and found that it was not hard to make at home to share with friends and family, I have shared the process of making taiyaki in recipes page under street food category. You can also find it by typing Taiyaki waffles in search. I hope you enjoy making and tasting this delight snack ^.^

Have you tried Taiyaki? What is your favourite flavour? Do you prefer it sweet or savoury? Let me know. Thanks for reading =)